Memories of Electricity in Vergas, Minnesota

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A special meeting of the village council was called on January31, 1921, to act on the purchasing of material for building an electrical line from Frazee to the village of Vergas.  This line was to be built according to the specifications of the Otter Tail Power Company as per blueprint of the specifications on file with the village and according to the terms of the contract.

On February 1, 1921, at 10 a.m. President Phillip Eichmiller called a meeting to order.  On motion of A.R. Ebersviller and a second by E.L. Brooks the bids were accepted for building a highline between Frazee and Vergas.  The distribution area was to be in and about the village of Vergas.  In November 1921 electric power was distributed in Vergas for the first time. The line was maintained by the village until 1931 when it was sold to the Otter Tail Power Company.

A Mr. A.H. Fuller is credited with initially wiring the majority of the houses and businesses in Vergas.

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