Memories of Mailmen in Vergas, Minnesota

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Vergas - 56587

The Vergas Post Office was established in 1904.  Bernard Stangeness was postmaster 1904-1928.  He had the post office in his place of business.  He was succeeded by Mrs. John (Milda) Reiman in 1928 until her death in February, 1933. 

At about that time the office was moved to the building that is now Goodman's Super Market.  Ewald Krueger was the third postmaster, serving from 1933 until his death in December, 1962.  Doris Krueger was the part-time flexible clerk and took over as officer-in-charge until Lee Davis was appointed postmaster and took charge on September 12, 1964, and served until 1979.  Jean Doty served as officer-in-charge until March 7, 1980, when Adele Schrupp became postmaster and served in that capacity until her retirement on August 3, 1990.  Diane Menz served as PTF Clerk for Schrupp and still in PTF Clerk.  Lori Bucholz served as officer-in-charge from August 4 until October 6, 1990, when Larry Conklin was appointed postmaster.

Rural free delivery began in 1907.  Carriers from then until the present were George Etzell, 1st carrier, Route 1, retired 1924; Edward Marks, 1st carrier, Route 2, retired 1921; Eugene Clawiter, temporary carrier, Route 2, 1921-1922; George Edwards, carrier, Route 2, 1922-1954; and Lyle Priske, carrier, Route 1, 1925-1961.  Dale Glawe became regular carrier in 1964 until his death on February 28, 1980.  Henry Schrupp and Jon Glawe were his subs.  Jon Glawe became regular carrier after Dale's death.

In the early 1980's, a second route was established in conjunction with Route 3, Frazee.  The Frazee carrier comes into the Vergas office and sorts mail for the Sybil Lake area known as Route 2 and rejoins her Route 3 for Frazee.  Don Schroeder was the carrier until November, 1984, and Marvin Nieman was his sub. Upon Don's retirement Marvin became regular carrier until his death in September, 1990.  Diane Steeke was the sub and is now regular carrier for Route 2. Other temporary or substitute carriers were Henry Zitzow, Wayne Cummings, Earl Alberts, Roger Hanson, Bernard Wischnak, Rodney Hanson, Tom Williams, Bob Shields, Jerry Ziegler, and Sharon Baumgart who is the present sub for Route 1.

The building that is now the post office was built in August of 1959.  The land was bought from Henry Hanson by Gordon Sanders who built the building.  It was sold to Elmer and Jeanette Bruhn in August of 1971.  In 1989, Jeanette Bruhn built on an addition to handle the increase of postal service.  Handicap access was also provided at that time.

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