Memories of Milkmen in Vergas, Minnesota

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Memories of Vergas Milkmen

The first house to house delivery of bottled milk and cream was begun by Bob McKenzie. Bob began business in 1924 and operated it until the time he and his family were killed in 1927 at the railroad crossing near his home one half mile north of Vergas.

Shortly after that Gilbert and Ervin Klatt began delivering bottled milk into Vergas. They delivered milk from 1927 to 1941. They received 6 cents a quart in 1927, and when they quit in 1941 milk sold for 10 cents a quart.

Adolph Ratz also delivered bottled milk from house to house in Vergas. Adolph ran his route from 1931 to 1935. After Gilbert Klatt quit the milk route, William Richter took over and delivered milk in Vergas from 1941 to 1935. Many people in Vergas also kept a cow or two and sold milk to the neighbors who came and got it, usually in a lard or syrup pail. Emil Dey sold milk, as did August and Franzine Sonnenberg, Frank and Bessie Schepper, Bill Zitzow, Herman Hoffman, and others.

After 1945 the State of Minnesota passed the milk pasteurization law and it then became illegal to sell raw milk. About this time the Frazee Creamery Company began delivering pasteurized milk and dairy products house to house in Vergas, as well as to the stores. Some of the Frazee milk delivery men were George Niess, Don Harmer Jr., Ray Meyhoff, and Lyle Cole. Art Schmidt presently delivers milk house to house in Vergas and handles the Mid America North Star line. Goodman's Supermarket sells the Fairmount and Land O'Lakes brand of milk and other dairy products.

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